Kelleygreens Chocolatier

Kelleygreens Chocolatier

Brandhams Show Stopper

  Boothgates Kountry Kraft

Boothgates Krazy Kaper  

Boothgates Mascot

  Brandshams Hot Choice For Oulsmi

Lindall Marcus At Donalbain

  Boothgates Hot Scoop For Brandham

Kelleygreens Wagatail Abigail 

  Kelleygreens Spook Ala Duke

Eng Am Ch Lindall Mastercraft JW

Kelleygreens Kewpie

Kelleygreen Kahlua

  Eng Am Ch Lindall Mastercraft JW

  Charway Charity

Char-Don Chocolate Sampler 

Am Can Ch. Cedarwood Cunner O'Fawnhaven, CD, SH

Am Can Ch Cedarwood Squire O'Fawnhaven CD JH

Ch Bellepointes Cody of Char-Don CD JH 

Davoeg Miss Molly Malone

Desperado Cedarwood Majoret WC

Can Ch Cedarwoods Autumn Gunner CD 

Ch Simerdowns Brandywine WC

Donalbain The Best

 ..Lindall Marcus At Donalbain

Charway Mattie Brown

Lindall Miss Emma 

  Donalbain Mustardseed

  Captain Kirk of Rangeways

  Boothgates Heard The News About Donalbain

BISS Ch Char-Dons Mistress Page

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Page was Janet's first homebred Best in Show Specialty.  She took Best of Breed at the Papago LRC specialty under breeder judge, Nancy Talbot.